Until the end of May 2018, RTR Productions is offering a special discounted rate for any orders placed one, two and three months in advance.

We’re calling this the 30-20-10 deal which gives you a discounted rate of 30-20-10% of all equipment hired when booked in advance.

Call the RTR Sales team now on 9331 6522 or complete the form below for a quick quotation

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    Equipment included in the 30-20-10 offer

    Audio Structures Vision Staging Lighting DJ Presentations
    Communications Marquees Rigging Power Theatrical Site Safety Event Planning

    Terms – there are some :(. for example the discount applies only to equipment hire.  With regards to labour, our uber-skilled staff work for hamsters and guinea pigs.  And can we say that it’s not pretty to pay someone 70% of a guinea pig.  Trust us, we try ALL the time.  Those little things are quick.  And even worse is driving a truck with only 80% of its tyres.  You should see the black donuts in our loading dock.

    But seriously folks, discounts will be applied to the booking after the deposit has been made.  Additions may be made to bookings, but additional equipment will incur the new time period’s relevant discount.