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New Kit at RTR



RTR have some new kit on board! Below is a list of what we now have added to our inventory. Please click on the links for more information or simply give us a call on 03 9381 0530 if you want to make a booking.







Allen & Heath QU-16 mixer, click on the following link for specs: Allen & Heath QU-16

Allen & Heath QU-16








Shure UA845-SWB Antenna Distribution System, click on the following link for specs: Shure UA845

Shure UA845-SWB








Black Magic SDI Distribution System, click on the following link for specs: Black Magic

Black Magic SDI Distribution







Tascam DV-D01U Pro DVD, click on the following link for specs: Tascam DV-D01U

Tascam DV--D01U

Melbourne Cup Time

With so many options available from projection to flat screens, you may be wondering what is best for your event? A great option for outdoor events is an LED wall! With the following benefits, there is no time like the present to enquire:
  • Can be used outdoor when projection can’t be used
  • The wall can be built in various sizes and screen formats
  • Idea for large audiences so everyone can see
  • Can be flown or ground stacked

Keystone Correction – the last, not the first solution

The keystone effect, also known as the tombstone effect, is caused by attempting to project an image onto a surface at an angle, as with a projector not quite centered onto the screen it is projecting on. It is a distortion of the image dimensions, making it look like a trapezoid. In the typical case of a projector sitting on a table, and looking upwards to the screen, the image is larger at the top than on the bottom. Some areas of the screen may not be focused correctly as the projector lens is focused at the average distance only. Wherever possible, RTR Productions has a best practice policy of not using Keystone correction to avoid distortion of the image. This distortion problem can be avoided by using top performance projectors which are installed by top technicians, thus, totally omitting the keystone effect and the problems that come with it. There will obviously be occasions where the correction process cannot be avoided but RTR always go to extreme lengths to ensure it is a last resort, not a first.

Which Projector?

We are often asked ‘which projector do I need?‘ Not a straightforward answer can be given when you think about all the questions that need asking first.

  • Where are you using the projector? A small office or a large hall?
  • What will you be using it for?
  • Is the venue light or dark?

The perfect projector for presentations or smaller venues would be the Epson EB-435W

Ultra-bright and fully featured, the Epson EB-435W 3LCD Multimedia Projector is ideal for delivery exciting presentation and lesson content in modern classrooms and offices.

What about larger venues?

The Barco CLM-HD8 is your projector of choice for a larger venue.

Barco’s CLM HD8 is the most cost-effective compact, 8,000 ANSI lumens 1080p HD projector on today’s market. Its single-chip DLP technology and sealed optical engine make it an outstanding choice for intensive-use applications in bright environments. Full HD resolution plus state of the art, scaling technology ensures uncompromised performance regardless of image format.

For further information, see the ‘Projector Hire’ section of our website or call our team on 03 9381 0530

Scientists discover possible cure for noise-induced hearing loss!

Scientists have found a potential cure for permanent deafness caused by loud noise exposure, infection and toxic drugs, using a drug that stimulates the inner ear.

Until now, it has been regarded as impossible to restore the sensory hair cells responsible for hearing once they have been lost, and the type of deafness often suffered by musicians and DJs was assumed to have been incurable.

However, a drug codenamed LY411575 brings about the regeneration of the crucial sensory hair cells and in tests was able to restore hearing to mice that had been deafened by loud noise.

This discovery, which was reported in neuroscience journal Neuron , suggests that the same may be possible in humans, although more research is still needed.

LY411575 works by suppressing proteins called Notch — which prevent stem cells from becoming new sensory hair cells within the cochlea, the auditory area of the inner ear.

According to charity Deafness Research UK, over one million Britons are exposed to potentially damaging noise levels in the workplace and 87 percent of deafness at all degrees of severity results from damage to the sensitive hair cells within the cochlea.

“We’re excited by these results because they are a step forward in the biology of regeneration and prove that mammalian hair cells have the capacity to regenerate,” lead researcher Dr. Albert Edge of Harvard Medical School said.

“The significance of the study is that hearing loss is a huge problem affecting 250 million worldwide.”

– See more at:

Putting off servicing your amp? Haven’t even thought about it? THINK AGAIN!

Did you know that if you don’t service your amp, you could end up having to fork out for a new one?

When the foam filters get clogged up, the circulating air stays hot regardless of how well the fan is working. The end result? The amp blows up!

An amp service is approximately a 10th of the price of buying the cheapest amp on the market and we can help.

Call us on 9381 0530 for more assistance.


10% off projector and screen package hires for the month of September!

For the month of September, receive 10% off any projector and screen package hire. Simply mention ‘newsletter’ when hiring!

Click on the following link for some projector options: 

Team Member Focus: Michael Barnsley

Michael is RTR’s Warehouse Manager: Michael has been with RTR Productions for 4 years; in which time he has brought a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to the company. Many of you would have met Michael or spoken to him when booking or collecting hire equipment. Michael has a passion for music and anything loud! If it’s ‘sound’ advice you need, Michael is all too happy to help!

Monet’s Garden at the NGV

RTR Productions recently had the honour of assisting the National Gallery of Victoria with their Monet exhibition. Consisting of setting up and rigging of 3 x 6 metre screens to create an 18 metre screen. Running a fibre optic network cable with 5 Christie projectors to create a 34 metre, 180 degree seamless video screen on an existing curved wall and installation of 4 Panasonic projectors with edge blend to create a single 9 metre projection. As an addition, 4 x 46″ touch screen panels were also installed. The end results were outstanding.

To see these installations; along with Monet’s famous artwork of course, you can visit the National Gallery of Victoria between now and September 8th.
Please see for more details.