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AV company In-house in a venue Pros and Cons

Benefits and disadvantages of using an  In-house av company in a venue

3 nights ago I bumped into my old friend Claudio in a restaurant in Hoi An, Vietnam. (Yes, I’m on holiday and I love Vietnam and the Vietnamese people!)

After all the standard catching up questions, “how is your mum”, “is your daughter going to school”, how old is your wife.. (what? Claudio said, she looks sooo much younger than you!!!.. Yes thanks Claudio!!) Claudio asked me a question about In-house AV companies in Venues.

Claudio owns a small AV production company in Milan, Italy.

So Cris, what do you think about the pros and cons of In-house AV companies in hotels, function centres and Wedding venues?

I had to think about it for a couple of minutes as I wasn’t 100% sure.

Here is more or less what I came up with.

The benefit for the venue is that they deal with a company they know very well and because of that, they can trust that company to set up and meet all the venue standards and requirement without need of any of the venue staff to spend time answering questions and overlooking the setup.

Another benefit for the venue is that the In-house AV company has normally an account manager that deals with all the questions related to the event and knows the venue very well.

There could also be some financial benefit for the venue, but let’s overlook this point.

As per the final client, the benefits would be first of all to have one supplier to deal with (or at least 2 suppliers that are on the same page) instead of two suppliers with no affiliations to each other. Another benefit could be that the standard package set up meets the requirements for the client and that means less time spent organizing where projectors, stage and speakers would be best set up for the event.

As per the cons what I can think of, is that to achieve a great and flexible set up in a venue could be very costly for the In-house AV company and they will rely on the venue to “sell” their services to their clients. As per the venue they want to make sure that they choose a professional AV company that does not only do in-house event but also event productions so at any time they would be able to satisfy any request from the client for custom set-ups, extra last-minute gear or a totally different set up from what is on offer as a standard in-house package as they will have stock and knowledge on how to set up and run a successful event outside of that particular venue.

As per the client, the cons could be a more expensive option as the cost of labour will increase. (be aware that this may not be true in some venues, so do your own research).

Another downside could be that if the client hires a “Non-professional” company the venue could be very frustrated with issues like Test and Tag etc etc and the event could suffer, but this is also true for every event in and out from venues.


In conclusion, I think you have to do your research and weigh the pros and cons but one thing is clear, make sure you employ a professional AV company as your event depends on it…


By the way, this conversation with my friend Claudio was in Italian, so I may have missed or suggested something a little different to him but that’s ok I’m sure he got the idea.


Here is an example of RTR In-house AV venue, Encore St Kilda a premier venue on St Kilda Beach.

BMW launch
RTR Productions the In-House AV company at Encore St Kilda helps BMW launch the latest cars

And here is another read with regards to stage and sound systems, if you have a spare 5 minutes:


At RTR Productions we can help with your event or venue set up. For over 15 years we have supplied staging, audio, visual and lighting to the entertainment industry.


Claudio, thanks for dinner, was great seeing you again…. and BTW my wife is 1 year and 1 month older than me!!!

Things I’ve learnt working at RTR #2 – Automation

I’m a huge fan of automating processes with computers and hardware.

This month I had the absolute pleasure of working with two very talented Australian artists/curators (Judith Torzillo and Victoria Cleland) at the Melbourne City Library. It’s a pretty cool library that’s hidden on Flinders lane and hosts facilities to an eclectic group of people: locals, travelers, students, and creatives.

Judith Torzillo and Victoria Cleland have transformed the City library’s exhibition space with “Without a Jewel” videos, audio, books and paper.

Without A Jewel presents four artists currently exploring the edges of jewellery: Renée Ugazio (Australia), Anneleen Swillen (Belgium), Paulina Rodete (Mexico) and Zoe Robertson (UK)

RTR Productions helped Judith and Victoria with the Video and Audio Integration work which was fairly straight forward using Samsung professional screens and Brightsign media players. Where things got a little clever was the automation of content with scheduled playout. All of the video and audio equipment was automated with on and off times that was in sync with the library opening times. The system has been fully automated since August 2nd with no human intervention. The Exhibition closes this Sunday 3rd September, it’s free and I highly recommend a visit.


2017 Eurovision Stage & Drape Setup

RTR Productions were asked to work with the TV station SBS for the reveal of Australia’s 2017 Eurovision contestant. RTR Productions were involved in the setup of the performance stage and euro truss with draping to create theatre effect coupled with screens and had an onsite operator to ensure the effects were seamless and the night was a success.

The event was live streamed on SBS and on social media and the selected contestant Isaiah Firebrace was revealed. Isaiah sang for the audience and was then interviewed. Firebrace said he struggled to keep his nomination a secret after he was told by his manager that he had been selected.

RTR Productions are extremely happy with the success of the reveal and wish Isaiah the best of luck in taking out the 2017 Eurovision Contest!

AV Installation and Corporate Events

RTR Productions specialise in AV installation and corporate event audio hire; our team has worked effectively with clients to make different events successful whether big or small. We continue to provide our clients with efficient and effective installation service at an accurate level of technological achievement. We aim for 100% client satisfaction and meet the different expectations set by customers in any event hire or occasion.

Our highly qualified and professional team of AV installers has a keen eye for details and is dedicated to achieve the desired result as expected by the clients. Our installation teams are trained regularly for product handling and knowledgeable in line with this work and they are capable of handling your system (maintenance, service and upgrade) when it needs one. They stay up to date with the latest equipment and installation procedures; you can trust that your system is in good hands.

We not just install audio visual equipment we also design and do custom AV installation to meet your needs whether it is for a boardroom, video conference and multi-room systems. With the knowledge in latest AV technology, we can provide you with a great selection of audio visual systems installation done carefully and professionally to match your expectations.

From simple to full production AV installations, call us up! We are always ready to assist you!

New Product Review: Electronic Whiteboards

RTR Productions are now stocking Panasonic Electronic Whiteboards for Hire and Sale.

Do you want your staff and guests to get the most from meetings and increase productivity, then a simple addition to your office or meeting can help. Electronic Whiteboards or EWB.

Panasonic’s latest electronic whiteboards let you digitally record (USB) or print your notes and drawing that are written on the screen surface. With EWB technology you no longer need to take notes. In meetings where EWBs are used your staff can concentrate on the discussion in stead of writting notes.

At the end of your meeting all of the important details can be shared digitally or printed directly. Using digital sharing you can do you part towards achieving a paperless office.

Contact our team on 03 9331 6522 to discuss your requirements and choose from the latest technology whiteboards and printers.

A piece of RTR history available for sale

Rent the Rig (now operating as RTR Productions) are selling the “RIG” that started it all. This monster rig was built by Noise Control UK and bought out to Australia about 15 years ago. The system comprises of 4 x Double 15″ W-bins and 6 x MH cabinets 10″ with 3″ HF. The boxes come unloaded but the sales includes 6 x B&C DE 82-8 drivers with horn flares, 4 x 10″ RCF L10-750YK Drivers & 2 x 10″ JBL 2123H drivers. The bottoms include no drivers.

Available for inspection by appointment at RTR Productions, Brunswick East this system was used for years as a warehouse/outdoor rig and is looking for a new home.

Serious offers only. Contact RTR on 9381 0530.

Resolution Cheat Sheet – RTR Tech Tip

Are you struggling to connect your HD output from your laptop into the XGA input on your projector and wonder why your images are stretched or skewed? Well the below reference chart may come in handy, remember its always best to try and keep your output resolution as close to the native resolution of your display (projector/LCD/etc).

For example in basic terms this means if you have a widescreen (16:9 or 16:10) output from a laptop but your projector or screen runs at a native resolution in 4:3 format the projector is going to have to process your image to fit the screen reducing the image quality.

A very common situation that is worth mentioning is if you have a projector running native WXGA (1280×800 16:10) rather than feeding it the highest output possible (most likely Full HD 1920×1080 16:9) the closest resolution could be HD 1280×720 resulting in less adjustments/processing inside the projector.

Remember the aim of the game is to keep the source resolution as close as possible to the output resolution.



The below list of standard resolutions may also come in handy to identify your nearest resolution.


640 x 480 (VGA)

800 x 600 (SVGA)

1024 x 768 (XGA)

1280 x 960 (SXGA)


1280 x 720 (HD TV)

1920 x 1080 (FULL HD TV)

3840 X 2160 (Ultra HD TV)


1280×800 (WXGA)

1680×1050 (WUXGA)


Still struggling, RTR Productions have a range of adapters, converters, scalers, cables and more to help call us on 03 9381 0530 to discuss your specific set up.

LED Light Source Projectors – New Technology

The latest technology in projection is now available from RTR Productions. LED projectors are becoming more popular especially in high demanding and long run time applications. The technology behind LED is now used in a wide range of applications including home theater, business and education projectors along with some of the newer micro projector ranges.

Using an LED light source has a serious advantage over conventional projector bulbs as LED projectors don’t have a lamp that requires maintenance or regular replacement therefore reliability is increased largely with minimal maintenance. The LED light source that gives this new range of LED projectors their name lasts much longer than a traditional projector bulb and uses less power saving significant amounts in operating costs.

Call the team at RTR on 9381 0530 to discuss your needs and receive an obligation free quote.

Warm White Fairy Lights – NOW IN STOCK

We have just stocked up on new technology warm white LED fairy lights, these low power indoor/outdoor fairy lights are ideal to create a ceiling of lights for weddings and events. They can be used to wrap around tree’s and outdoor decking to add a special look to any event.



Contact us today to get a free quote on fairy lights for your event on 9381 0530.

Unique Projections – RTR have a solution

RTR Productions have the capacity in house to produce custom brackets and solutions for non-standard projection systems. No matter the size, shape or orientation of your projection there is no limit to what our team can do. If you have an idea for non-standard projection get in contact with our team on 9381 0530.

Check out some gallery images of recent unique projection solutions: