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RTR specialty rigging g at Dulux Colour Awards

Creative Ways to Build

The 8th of May saw a creatively spectacular event put on by The Valentina Group Agency at the National Gallery of Victoria.  RTR Production assisted with the production for the first time this year.  Custom and specialty rigging is a cornerstone of the services that RTR provides to its clients.

RTR specialty rigging
Adnate’s beautiful portrait hanging from RTR’s custom double arch

Amazing and immersive events that always surpass any of the attendees’ expectations are what The Valentina Group Agency is known for.  This year’s Dulux Colour Awards at NGV’s Great Hall were even bigger.  This was in thanks to amazing event design and a HUGE mural by famed Australian muralist Adnate painted onsite.


The NGV Production department and The Valentina Group asked RTR Productions to provide specialty rigging that would form a giant easel.  Adnate specialises in very large-form fine art portraits carried out as murals on the sides of buildings.  He actually has created the tallest mural in the Southern Hemisphere on the Wellington Street flats in Collingwood, Victoria.  For the Dulux Colour Awards, he created a 7.6m x 4.8m portrait live during the actual award presentation.


RTR Provides Specialty Rigging for Artwork

RTR Productions used Euro Truss 300mm box truss to create a double truss arch to support the massive painting.  Their riggers put together a 9m tall structure, with additional bracing. Then, this structure framed a custom aluminium tube grid, which in turn held the giant painting.  The experienced riggers than mounted individual panels to become a composite structure.  Adnate actually had to paint from a scissor lift to reach the whole painting it was so large.


One of the most amazing feats of the evening was that the NGV’s Great Hall was open to the public until noon that day.  The crew unpacked the entire structure and built it in just a few hours.  This had to happen to allow time to rig the individual panels on the custom grid.  RTR chose to paint this custom grid Dulux Duramax Gloss Hot Lips red to match the design of the event. Giant red velvet drapes framed the event space and a very creative custom stage as well.

The Valentina Group’s Marisa Sabljak said:

“To have that structure up so quickly and to have it look so spectacular was an incredible feat. The client and the artist were extremely happy with the finished product.”

Check out some more of Adnate’s amazing work here:

AFL Event hits the mark!

The AFL Season has begun!  And RTR Productions are happy to have been part of the North Melbourne Football Club’s jumper presentation.  This AFL event is a big part of the sporting calendar.   

March 6th saw a large number of the North Melbourne faithful on hand to witness the new players of the 2019 Kangaroos get their first NMFC jumpers.  RTR was chosen to supply audio, lighting, vision, and additional rigging to the Melbourne Pavilion to assist delivering the evening to North Melbourne’s AFL members. The Kangaroos’ Events team wanted to wow their membership with their new team members.  So RTR’s creative staff came up with a bespoke design that would complement the industrial aesthetic of the Pavilion.

The Plan

There were two parts to the evening.  The first part of the evening was an acoustic performance in a side area, while club members came in and got situated.  There was also a media wall as members entered and some external activations. Then the evening proper began with much enthusiasm in the main area of the venue.  

Production-wise, a large truss arch was erected at the rear of the stage to rig the large projection screen from.  The events team wanted to deliver their creative content in a projection that fit along with what was happening on stage, rather than take over.  Additional lighting was set on truss uprights across the stage as well as under the industrial roof trusses. The PA system was set up around the room to work in with the many columns in the building and not visually impair on the event.  This AFL event was all about the players, and the production was there to support that point.

North Melbourne Greats

The end result was an evening with impact:  One that members felt included in, rather than just presented to; and came across great in all the social media photos and streaming videos.

Another great sports event with RTR Productions.

NMFC Season Launch
The Season has begun!

Your Partner in Events




It’s the one partnership in the watch industry that goes beyond just simply sharing logos. It’s an amalgamation of two cultures. Two cultures with one vision – ‘To design unique creations that generate a world of dreams and emotions’.

This year Ferrari celebrates its 70th Anniversary. Hublot announced its diamond partnership of Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary weeklong celebrations, during Motorclassica, from 9th – 15th October 2017, in Melbourne.

10 October: National Rally; where Hublot Ambassador, Michael Clarke drove from Albert Park to Cruden Farm with the largest collection of Ferrari’s ever in Australia

A new collection designed by Ferrari and crafted by Hublot clearly stole the show: The Techframe Ferrari 70 Years. A team effort that began with Ferrari in Maranello and ended in Nyon with Hublot, this new line in Hublot’s collection is intended to offer a watch that is deeply rooted in Ferrari’s DNA—combining strength, performance and agility—while being produced and perfected by the Hublot manufacture.

RTR Productions was extremely happy to supply and install a truss arch for Jacquie at Pages to make this awesome structure look this good. Thanks Jacquie and thanks Pages!

Stage Fright – Overcome Your Fear

Whether you’re speaking at a corporate event, a groom reciting his own vows, or an artist singing in front of your biggest audience, stage fright can affect anyone.

Overcoming stage fright can be daunting, however may be much easier than you think. Once you master public speaking or performing you are equipped with a powerful tool that can be used to inform, persuade or entertain your listeners no matter how big or small the event.

Our team has been in the industry in Melbourne for many years and we have seen it all. Stage fright can remove the real joy of an event for the speaker and sometimes even the guests. To help our readers we have compiled some tips that will help first time speakers or performers through their anxiety in order to have a great wedding, festival, show or event:

Practice Calming Techniques

Be it meditation, yoga or simply taking a few deep calming breaths before stepping out on stage, calming techniques can help lower your heart rate and bring anxiety down.

Know Your Content

For a corporate event like a seminar where you might be the guest speaker, know your content well. Especially if you haven’t prepared the speech yourself. If you are a singer, know your songs and your set list well in advance.

Rehearse, Revise & Record

No matter what the event, practice practice practice. We cannot stress this enough. Not having to refer to notes and reducing the risk of losing your place really helps. Once you know your speech off by heart, get your phone and record yourself talking it slowly and confidently. Practicing this tone will help you on the day, and playing it back will let you know if you need to change anything that sounds a little off when read out loud.

Know Your Audience

It is always easier to speak to people you are familiar with than those you haven’t, so walk the room and introduce yourself if you don’t know your crowd.

Concentrate on the Message

Realise the importance of the message you are trying to deliver, not the way the audience perceives your delivery of it. Focus on individuals as you deliver your message, this will make it feel to you like you are in a one on one conversation, and will give the message stronger meaning to your audience.

Don’t Focus on Mistakes

Mistakes can happen and they are not a big deal unless you make them one. Imagine the times you have sat in a crowd and the speaker has made a mistake, you are generally empathetic, thinking ‘oh that’s no big deal’ and you probably forget about it within a minute or so. Your audience will be the same, so if you slip up, take a breath and just keep going.

Know that People want to Listen

Most people want you to be successful, and want to understand your message. This should give you a confidence boost knowing that people are open minded and understanding.

Improve Through Experience

Ultimately, there is no better way of getting over stage fright than simply getting up on stage and doing it over and over again. It does get easier, and after a while it can even become fun.

As with any event, if you are part of the organisation of it, having additional stresses of planning the event can increase anxiety on the day. Utilising an event manager or company such as RTR Productions who focus on providing ‘stress-free’ events will also assist in making your event as easy and pain free as possible.

White Night 2017

For the 3rd year in a row, RTR PROductions have been an integral team member in the prestigious event White Night. DAE Global the event organisers certainly stepped it up this year putting on a sensational production that surpassed the scale and creativity of prior years. RTR PROductions are honoured to be involved in an event that just keeps going from strength to strength.

We spent many months planning and preparing for the magical event that graces Melbourne CBDs streets for 12 hours every year. From 7pm to 7am many of Melbourne’s city roads are shut down and transformed into stages, light installations and large scale artworks. If you haven’t been to a White Night  before I highly recommend you check it out, you will not be disappointed!

Those months of planning came in handy on the day as a few unforeseen changes (including the possibility of poor weather) meant we had backup plans onsite and available. We were rather impressed with the Collins Street stage at 60m2 that was set up by the RTR crew in 19 minutes! A record yet for our team and one to beat for next year.

The 3 main stages consisted of:

Truck stage on Collins street for a large band setup with dancers rotating on the 60m2 elevated stage.

The Birrarung Marr stage and ground support structure 8m x 6m with wings.


And the Bourke Street stage 8m x 4m x 5m ground support truss structure with wings, roof and back.

All in all a successful event and great effort by all crew and operators.

NGV Summer Sundays

The National Gallery of Victoria’s Summer Sundays were an initiative put on by the Gallery that includes free performances by local musicians and DJs, food and pop-up bars in the NGV Garden and a free drop-by activity for kids. RTR Productions being the NGV preferred supplier for audio, visual, staging and productions designed a series of ground support structures, staging and audio visual solutions for the series of free concerts.

The events were a success even though there was a couple of weekends where last minute bad weather caused some re-arrangements to the structures. The RTR crew were able to quickly work around the inclement weather for a great result.

2017 Eurovision Stage & Drape Setup

RTR Productions were asked to work with the TV station SBS for the reveal of Australia’s 2017 Eurovision contestant. RTR Productions were involved in the setup of the performance stage and euro truss with draping to create theatre effect coupled with screens and had an onsite operator to ensure the effects were seamless and the night was a success.

The event was live streamed on SBS and on social media and the selected contestant Isaiah Firebrace was revealed. Isaiah sang for the audience and was then interviewed. Firebrace said he struggled to keep his nomination a secret after he was told by his manager that he had been selected.

RTR Productions are extremely happy with the success of the reveal and wish Isaiah the best of luck in taking out the 2017 Eurovision Contest!

New Product Review – 6×4 Outdoor Stage

RTR Productions have just added a new structure to our ever growing range of outdoor stages, coming with a standard stage size of 6mt x 4mt with an option to increase to 6mt x 5mt the new stage is an elegant solution for events of any size from community and council events through to entertainment zones at major events.

If you need a stage structure for your next event why not speak to our team about our range of stages on 03 9331 6522.

Event Review – E Class Reveal

RTR Productions produced and executed a project for 3 Point Motors – Mercedes Benz to launch and reveal the all new E Class Sedan.  The key feature of the project was a moving truss box that covered the car until reveal time, during arrivals and pre reveal the box was projected onto with custom content made for the evening. Come time for reveal we used high tech lighting and lasers to create a reveal sequence that helped set the scene for the technology that is packed into this car. Check out our short video of the event and gallery below:





Summer Events at RTR

Our team had a busy start to the year with a number of great events under the belt, we provided production for major events such as White Night 2016, Chinese New Year, we supplied audio production for Fat Boy Slim, we helped celebrate the opening of the new Box Hill Institute of Tafe in Lilydale and we’ve provided immersive displays for the Arnold Classic and DesignBuild trade shows among many other venue and music events. Check out a brief gallery of our year to date and don’t hesitate to contact our team on 03 9331 6522 for an obligation free discussion about your next event.