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Things I’ve learnt working at RTR #2 – Automation

I’m a huge fan of automating processes with computers and hardware.

This month I had the absolute pleasure of working with two very talented Australian artists/curators (Judith Torzillo and Victoria Cleland) at the Melbourne City Library. It’s a pretty cool library that’s hidden on Flinders lane and hosts facilities to an eclectic group of people: locals, travelers, students, and creatives.

Judith Torzillo and Victoria Cleland have transformed the City library’s exhibition space with “Without a Jewel” videos, audio, books and paper.

Without A Jewel presents four artists currently exploring the edges of jewellery: Renée Ugazio (Australia), Anneleen Swillen (Belgium), Paulina Rodete (Mexico) and Zoe Robertson (UK)

RTR Productions helped Judith and Victoria with the Video and Audio Integration work which was fairly straight forward using Samsung professional screens and Brightsign media players. Where things got a little clever was the automation of content with scheduled playout. All of the video and audio equipment was automated with on and off times that was in sync with the library opening times. The system has been fully automated since August 2nd with no human intervention. The Exhibition closes this Sunday 3rd September, it’s free and I highly recommend a visit.


Event Review – E Class Reveal

RTR Productions produced and executed a project for 3 Point Motors – Mercedes Benz to launch and reveal the all new E Class Sedan.  The key feature of the project was a moving truss box that covered the car until reveal time, during arrivals and pre reveal the box was projected onto with custom content made for the evening. Come time for reveal we used high tech lighting and lasers to create a reveal sequence that helped set the scene for the technology that is packed into this car. Check out our short video of the event and gallery below:





Featured Production – bioCSL National Sales Conference

Looking for a way to keep your delegates attention at your next conference, why not follow bioCSL’s lead and change things up a bit. Utilizing one of Melbourne’s newest event spaces at Melbourne Star, not only did this client book an exciting event space but along with some help from RTR Productions the team created a stage set with a difference to your average venue AV solution.

Utilizing a massive rear projection screen for the main presentation content, dual large screen LCD’s were rotated in a portrait orientation which synced with the main presentation to provide supporting images and text.

RTR Productions provided full AV support for the event including a Nexo Sound System, Shure UHF-R Wireless Microphones, DPA Headsets, Barco Projection, Sharp Professional LED panels with our new lower height 3.5mt black drapes along with our portable stage system.


Resolution Cheat Sheet – RTR Tech Tip

Are you struggling to connect your HD output from your laptop into the XGA input on your projector and wonder why your images are stretched or skewed? Well the below reference chart may come in handy, remember its always best to try and keep your output resolution as close to the native resolution of your display (projector/LCD/etc).

For example in basic terms this means if you have a widescreen (16:9 or 16:10) output from a laptop but your projector or screen runs at a native resolution in 4:3 format the projector is going to have to process your image to fit the screen reducing the image quality.

A very common situation that is worth mentioning is if you have a projector running native WXGA (1280×800 16:10) rather than feeding it the highest output possible (most likely Full HD 1920×1080 16:9) the closest resolution could be HD 1280×720 resulting in less adjustments/processing inside the projector.

Remember the aim of the game is to keep the source resolution as close as possible to the output resolution.



The below list of standard resolutions may also come in handy to identify your nearest resolution.


640 x 480 (VGA)

800 x 600 (SVGA)

1024 x 768 (XGA)

1280 x 960 (SXGA)


1280 x 720 (HD TV)

1920 x 1080 (FULL HD TV)

3840 X 2160 (Ultra HD TV)


1280×800 (WXGA)

1680×1050 (WUXGA)


Still struggling, RTR Productions have a range of adapters, converters, scalers, cables and more to help call us on 03 9381 0530 to discuss your specific set up.

LED Light Source Projectors – New Technology

The latest technology in projection is now available from RTR Productions. LED projectors are becoming more popular especially in high demanding and long run time applications. The technology behind LED is now used in a wide range of applications including home theater, business and education projectors along with some of the newer micro projector ranges.

Using an LED light source has a serious advantage over conventional projector bulbs as LED projectors don’t have a lamp that requires maintenance or regular replacement therefore reliability is increased largely with minimal maintenance. The LED light source that gives this new range of LED projectors their name lasts much longer than a traditional projector bulb and uses less power saving significant amounts in operating costs.

Call the team at RTR on 9381 0530 to discuss your needs and receive an obligation free quote.

Colour for Live Events

In live events colour matters, you’ve heard it before. And…well, it bears repeating because it’s true. Especially when you are trying to convey a message, thought or feeling. Most often associated with marketing and branding colour is perhaps the single most important component to consider. After all, while your brand may include your company name, sign, symbol, design or any combination of elements, the colour is immediately identifable and synonymous with you.

Think of a company and red, what do you imagine? The very first image is Coca-Cola, right? Think of red and yellow – what’s the first thing that comes to mind? McDonald’s, perhaps? Colour is the backbone for how the idea of your identity is communicated.

coke marquee

There are colours that are immediately connected with ideas – red tends to convey power, and in some cultures good luck. When you see the color blue you might get feelings of trust, responsibility and confidence – you may feel like things are in order and under control. And then there’s brown which is seen as serious, secure and protective…stable.

When it comes to live events and outside marketing activities it is essential to carry this use of colour your marketing department has already spent thousands of dollars developing into your events. Your message is easier to convey when supported with your chosen branding colours and your guests will retain the message when you light and decorate your room considering your brands colours.

The most commonly used application/technology for corporate events is LED wall washes, that is an LED lighting fixture which is colour selectable used to up-light a wall, drape or other feature. Simply adding the this LED Up-lighting behind your stage puts it in your guests view and makes the message your delivering on stage easier to convey and easier to retain for your guest. The same technology can also be used to create an entrance feature, pillars of light in your chosen brand colours at the entrance to your event clearly define you have a message to convey and it starts from the moment they walk in.

Another popular lighting option, which helps reinforce your brand in a live setting is to project your company logo. This can be done interactively or static, interactive projections can take your logo and react to client interaction or they can scan around a room, rotate and zoom as you desire. With modern technology these logo projections easily can be performed indoors or outdoors on any scale.

Our minds are programmed to respond to colour, even over and above shapes and symbols. So when considering your next event, make sure that colour is number one on the list of decisions and contact RTR Productions for a free consultation.


Conference Lighting

Unique Projections – RTR have a solution

RTR Productions have the capacity in house to produce custom brackets and solutions for non-standard projection systems. No matter the size, shape or orientation of your projection there is no limit to what our team can do. If you have an idea for non-standard projection get in contact with our team on 9381 0530.

Check out some gallery images of recent unique projection solutions:

Interactive Projection – Exciting use of technology

When it comes to technology, don’t close your eyes. You might miss something.

A new technology has been introduced to the market that is poised to change the way we interact with digital media. Meet the interactive projector.


exhibition floor

An interactive projector combines the ability to project a large image onto virtually any surface with the advanced technology of an interactive whiteboard. It has been considered a game-changer for several industries, especially the education and marketing segments.

For marketing professionals, it’s a no brainier. Picture this. You are sitting in the waiting room of your doctor’s office with a fussy child. On the floor is an image of a koi pond, with fish swimming by. You point it out to your child, who reaches down to touch it and the water ripples. It’s instantly mesmerizing and engaging. Then your message/brand appears from the murky depths for all eyes to see. And this scenario can play out on any floor, or wall in any waiting room or lobby for any industry across the globe.

As far as educational tools are concerned, this technology has the potential to change the way teachers and students communicate and interact altogether. In the past, educators were limited on what interactive whiteboards could be purchased based on price, size, and available space. Those in school systems who lack adequate funding may not be able to afford to purchase multiple whiteboards for different uses. However, with interactive projection, the entire projection area is now interactive. This space can be as large or as small as the educator needs it to be. It can be every size whiteboard it needs to be with just one piece of equipment.

The interactive projector has the ability to reach audiences, both old and new, in a fresh and exciting new way. RTR have interactive options for short term rental or permanent install for more information about the benefits of using interactive projectors in your business, please Call: 03 9381 0530


Keystone Correction – the last, not the first solution

The keystone effect, also known as the tombstone effect, is caused by attempting to project an image onto a surface at an angle, as with a projector not quite centered onto the screen it is projecting on. It is a distortion of the image dimensions, making it look like a trapezoid. In the typical case of a projector sitting on a table, and looking upwards to the screen, the image is larger at the top than on the bottom. Some areas of the screen may not be focused correctly as the projector lens is focused at the average distance only. Wherever possible, RTR Productions has a best practice policy of not using Keystone correction to avoid distortion of the image. This distortion problem can be avoided by using top performance projectors which are installed by top technicians, thus, totally omitting the keystone effect and the problems that come with it. There will obviously be occasions where the correction process cannot be avoided but RTR always go to extreme lengths to ensure it is a last resort, not a first.