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New Product Announcement – Perspex Lecterns

RTR Productions understand that our industry standard Lectrum black lecterns don’t suit every event, sometimes you need something a little special to set your event apart from the others. Therefore RTR have invested in a range of unique new items including our latest addition the clear perspex lectern. Ideal for weddings and sleek corporate events this premium option is in stock and avaliable for hire.



Product Review – Festoon Lights

Got a space big enough to host your next event, be it a birthday or wedding RTR can help transform the space setting the mood to suit your event. Check out these images from a recent wedding, at our first site inspection this was an old storage area in a car workshop. After a good clean up by the client and some elegant design by event specialist Fred and Ginger Catering the space looked incredible for the wedding. RTR Productions provided over 30mt of 6mt high black drapes, our beautiful festoon lights and timeless incandescent up lights.

Position Available – Operations coordinator

RTR Productions are seeking a technically savvy Operations Coordinator for our busy live events and productions team based at our East Brunswick base.
RTR Productions utilize the highest quality audio visual products available to deliver AV, lighting and staging products for corporate events, elegant weddings, outdoor events and live music clients amongst many others.
We are looking for a passionate AV professional with a technical AV background and experience in project management, operations management or coordination. In your new role you will be tasked with the efficient coordination of staff, contractors, stock and resources to deliver events to our high standards. Key roles include:


  • Day-to-day Operations Coordination
  • Coordinating all stock movements
  • Scheduling amd management of all crew shifts
  • Recruiting and training new crew
  • Forecasting and scheduling upcoming work
  • Assisting in estimating, quoting and technical design of jobs
  • Working hands on during bump ins and bump outs
  • Leading crews and on site project management


The ideal candidate will have previous experience in operations management or coordination in a similar AV rental role. A thorough understanding of modern audio visual equipment including high end audio, projection, vision switching/scaling and distribution, lighting, rigging and power distribution is a must. Candidates with the following skills and abilities will be held in high regard:


  • Extensive background in the events industry
  • Previous crewing/scheduling experience
  • Ability to work flexible hours
  • Rigging qualifications
  • Professional appearance


To apply send your resume to, applications close August 3rd.

Aspect Ratio’s 4:3 vs 16:9

Aspect Ratio’s 4:3 vs 16:9

Aspect ratio is the relationship of the width of a video image compared to its height. For example 4:3 (traditional TV) or 16:9 (widescreen LCD/Plasma)


Advantages of using 16:9 aspect ratio widescreen format include allowing you to show more content on screen, especially in the horizontal orientation. Also 16:9 format enables you to take full advantage of latest technology used in most hardware today as well as being able to present graphics, video, animation, movies in full widescreen without losing graphical real estate.

Using 16:9 format for your videos and presenations, you are able to show full 16:9 screen content without resizing, stretching or reformatting to fit modern screens and projectors. Almost all video content is now created in 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio, using 16:9 to set-up your powerpoint presentations is suggested to avoid forcing inserted content into a 4:3 aspect ratio workspace where the content will be distorted or trimmed.

If you use 16:9 Content on a 4:3 Screen the screen will show black bars on each side. This is called pillar box effect.

If you use 4:3 Content on 16:9 Screen the Screen will show black bars on top & bottom. This is called letter box effect.

Scientists discover possible cure for noise-induced hearing loss!

Scientists have found a potential cure for permanent deafness caused by loud noise exposure, infection and toxic drugs, using a drug that stimulates the inner ear.

Until now, it has been regarded as impossible to restore the sensory hair cells responsible for hearing once they have been lost, and the type of deafness often suffered by musicians and DJs was assumed to have been incurable.

However, a drug codenamed LY411575 brings about the regeneration of the crucial sensory hair cells and in tests was able to restore hearing to mice that had been deafened by loud noise.

This discovery, which was reported in neuroscience journal Neuron , suggests that the same may be possible in humans, although more research is still needed.

LY411575 works by suppressing proteins called Notch — which prevent stem cells from becoming new sensory hair cells within the cochlea, the auditory area of the inner ear.

According to charity Deafness Research UK, over one million Britons are exposed to potentially damaging noise levels in the workplace and 87 percent of deafness at all degrees of severity results from damage to the sensitive hair cells within the cochlea.

“We’re excited by these results because they are a step forward in the biology of regeneration and prove that mammalian hair cells have the capacity to regenerate,” lead researcher Dr. Albert Edge of Harvard Medical School said.

“The significance of the study is that hearing loss is a huge problem affecting 250 million worldwide.”

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Putting off servicing your amp? Haven’t even thought about it? THINK AGAIN!

Did you know that if you don’t service your amp, you could end up having to fork out for a new one?

When the foam filters get clogged up, the circulating air stays hot regardless of how well the fan is working. The end result? The amp blows up!

An amp service is approximately a 10th of the price of buying the cheapest amp on the market and we can help.

Call us on 9381 0530 for more assistance.