Colour for Live Events

In live events colour matters, you’ve heard it before. And…well, it bears repeating because it’s true. Especially when you are trying to convey a message, thought or feeling. Most often associated with marketing and branding colour is perhaps the single most important component to consider. After all, while your brand may include your company name, sign, symbol, design or any combination of elements, the colour is immediately identifable and synonymous with you.

Think of a company and red, what do you imagine? The very first image is Coca-Cola, right? Think of red and yellow – what’s the first thing that comes to mind? McDonald’s, perhaps? Colour is the backbone for how the idea of your identity is communicated.

coke marquee

There are colours that are immediately connected with ideas – red tends to convey power, and in some cultures good luck. When you see the color blue you might get feelings of trust, responsibility and confidence – you may feel like things are in order and under control. And then there’s brown which is seen as serious, secure and protective…stable.

When it comes to live events and outside marketing activities it is essential to carry this use of colour your marketing department has already spent thousands of dollars developing into your events. Your message is easier to convey when supported with your chosen branding colours and your guests will retain the message when you light and decorate your room considering your brands colours.

The most commonly used application/technology for corporate events is LED wall washes, that is an LED lighting fixture which is colour selectable used to up-light a wall, drape or other feature. Simply adding the this LED Up-lighting behind your stage puts it in your guests view and makes the message your delivering on stage easier to convey and easier to retain for your guest. The same technology can also be used to create an entrance feature, pillars of light in your chosen brand colours at the entrance to your event clearly define you have a message to convey and it starts from the moment they walk in.

Another popular lighting option, which helps reinforce your brand in a live setting is to project your company logo. This can be done interactively or static, interactive projections can take your logo and react to client interaction or they can scan around a room, rotate and zoom as you desire. With modern technology these logo projections easily can be performed indoors or outdoors on any scale.

Our minds are programmed to respond to colour, even over and above shapes and symbols. So when considering your next event, make sure that colour is number one on the list of decisions and contact RTR Productions for a free consultation.


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