DJ Equipment Hire

RTR Productions stock reliable and well priced options for DJ equipment hire in Melbourne.

We can provide a wide range of DJ equipment for DJ’s and party organisers including turntable hire, CDJ’s and DJM’s. We only use industry standard brands and models which are proven to be the most reliable and user-friendly.

We also offer a wide range of sound & lighting packages that compliment our DJ Equipment Hire Packages. Including party lights, smoke machines, and projectors, ideal for weddings, pubs, clubs and house parties.

Description Model Image
Turntables Technics 1200 Technics SL200 Hire
DJ CD player – entry level Pioneer CDJ400
DJ CD player – professional Pioneer CDJ 1000
DJ CD player – professional (network) Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus
DJ mixer – entry level Pioneer DJM400
DJ mixer – professional Pioneer DJM800
DJ mixer – professional (network) Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus