Live streaming now available

The world can now become your audience for events and meetings of any size as broadcasting and streaming live events becomes easier and cheaper through advancement in technology. The option of streaming your event greatly increases your potential customer base. Business conferences, church services, concerts, and sporting events are just a few of events that benefit by incorporating this live streaming aspect into them.

Ease of Use

The complexities that live streaming once had are an issue of the past and seamless integration is now possible at a fraction of the cost. Set up time has been greatly reduced. Headaches are in the past as the equipment and the software that it uses has demonstrated near flawless performance. Tear down at the end of the event is uniform and efficient. The entire process has been streamlined so that even those whom are not in technical fields can testify to the efficiency and reliability in this process of live streaming.


The overhead in expensive hardware has been eliminated. Cumbersome and expensive equipment like satellite links are things of the past. The costly has become the affordable. The continual advances in technology are working for you in lowering the price of live streaming. Budget size is no longer a limitation for companies of any size to avail themselves of the benefits of live streaming.

The limitations for live streaming your events have been eliminated. This process has now become affordable to any organization. All that is separating your company from doing this is accessing our expertise in live streaming.

RTR have options for both short term event streaming or turnkey sales solutions for installation, contact us today and your company will be on the path of getting their products and services displayed to the world.

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