Fashion Shows

Fashion Shows

Staging, lighting & audio visual services are a crucial aspect of any catwalk event or fashion parade. Lighting, sound and visual cues play an indispensable part when it comes to bringing to life your dream event. Our experienced technical and design team work with your event manager & producer to ensure seamless delivery. In turn your catwalk or fashion event is of the elite level you require and wows your audience.

We can create bespoke fashion solutions that extend further than just screens and coloured lights, and our experience will give you the confidence that the team operating on the night will deliver you creative brief.

Our powerful sound systems can be used for music and/or MC while the models strut on the catwalk.

Intelligent and moving lights can be placed above or along the catwalk to create an impressive impact or subtly compliment the look and feel of a parade. We can use LED screen panels which can be configured on either side of a catwalk, or used as a fantastic backdrop at the top of a catwalk. Professional camera operators can present images of the catwalk or audience to the screens during the show.

For this and many more options for your next fashion event, speak to our friendly staff today for free advice and a free quote.