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Stage Fright – Overcome Your Fear

Whether you’re speaking at a corporate event, a groom reciting his own vows, or an artist singing in front of your biggest audience, stage fright can affect anyone.

Overcoming stage fright can be daunting, however may be much easier than you think. Once you master public speaking or performing you are equipped with a powerful tool that can be used to inform, persuade or entertain your listeners no matter how big or small the event.

Our team has been in the industry in Melbourne for many years and we have seen it all. Stage fright can remove the real joy of an event for the speaker and sometimes even the guests. To help our readers we have compiled some tips that will help first time speakers or performers through their anxiety in order to have a great wedding, festival, show or event:

Practice Calming Techniques

Be it meditation, yoga or simply taking a few deep calming breaths before stepping out on stage, calming techniques can help lower your heart rate and bring anxiety down.

Know Your Content

For a corporate event like a seminar where you might be the guest speaker, know your content well. Especially if you haven’t prepared the speech yourself. If you are a singer, know your songs and your set list well in advance.

Rehearse, Revise & Record

No matter what the event, practice practice practice. We cannot stress this enough. Not having to refer to notes and reducing the risk of losing your place really helps. Once you know your speech off by heart, get your phone and record yourself talking it slowly and confidently. Practicing this tone will help you on the day, and playing it back will let you know if you need to change anything that sounds a little off when read out loud.

Know Your Audience

It is always easier to speak to people you are familiar with than those you haven’t, so walk the room and introduce yourself if you don’t know your crowd.

Concentrate on the Message

Realise the importance of the message you are trying to deliver, not the way the audience perceives your delivery of it. Focus on individuals as you deliver your message, this will make it feel to you like you are in a one on one conversation, and will give the message stronger meaning to your audience.

Don’t Focus on Mistakes

Mistakes can happen and they are not a big deal unless you make them one. Imagine the times you have sat in a crowd and the speaker has made a mistake, you are generally empathetic, thinking ‘oh that’s no big deal’ and you probably forget about it within a minute or so. Your audience will be the same, so if you slip up, take a breath and just keep going.

Know that People want to Listen

Most people want you to be successful, and want to understand your message. This should give you a confidence boost knowing that people are open minded and understanding.

Improve Through Experience

Ultimately, there is no better way of getting over stage fright than simply getting up on stage and doing it over and over again. It does get easier, and after a while it can even become fun.

As with any event, if you are part of the organisation of it, having additional stresses of planning the event can increase anxiety on the day. Utilising an event manager or company such as RTR Productions who focus on providing ‘stress-free’ events will also assist in making your event as easy and pain free as possible.