Wired Microphones

If you are organising an event and require a wired microphone to hire, then RTR Productions can help.

Choosing the right microphone and PA System can help you avoid awkward moments throughout your event. So to make sure you get the right microphone hire for your needs call us for advice today.

Description Type Name Image
 Industry standard – musical instrument pickup and vocals Instrument/vocal Sure SM57
Professional series – musical instrument pickup and vocals Instrument/vocal Sure beta 57a
Industry standard- lead and back-up vocals  vocal Sure SM58  
Professional series – lead and back-up vocals vocal Sure SM58a
 Drum kit – kick  Drum Sure beta52
 Drum kit – tom and snare  Drum/ Instrument Sennheiser E904
 Drum and Instrument – paired microphones  Instrument Rode NT5  

 Shot gun (directional microphone) –

film, tv, radio , productions

 Shotgun Rode NTG-2
 Professional series lapel – broadcast, conference and other live performances Lapel DPA-4080
 Professional series – Directional Headset Microphone Lapel DPA-4088f

Call our friendly team for a quote on the best wired microphone hire service Melbourne has to offer on 03 9331 6522.